Workers Comp

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Life Insurance

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Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation

A workers compensation policy covers all expenses resulting from on-the-job injuries including, lost wages, lost benefits, medical care, rehabilitation services, legal representation and compliance services.


Protecting Your Employees and Your Business

Life & Health

Are your prepared personally and professionally for tomorrow? If you have young children, or are married, or have a significant other, or own a house, or you may owe significant debts or estate tax when you die, life insurance may be one of the best options to protect your family and assets.

Can You Afford to be Non-Compliant?


The identification, analysis, assessment, control, and avoidance, minimization, or elimination of unacceptable risks. An organization may use risk assumption, risk avoidance, risk retention, risk transfer, or any other strategy (or combination) in proper management of future events.