Workers’ Compensation Eligible “Bind Online” Class Codes

Code Segment Description Comments
2003 Store – 4 Wall Bakery  –  Salespersons & Drivers More of a Mfg code – may have payroll split with 8017 or a restaurant code.
2004 Store – 4 Wall Bakery  –  Retail  –  All Operation  
2581 Laundry Laundry  –  All Kinds  –  & Drivers  
2583 Laundry Dry Cleaner & Drivers  
2589 Laundry Laundry and Dry Cleaning Store Retail & Route Supervisors, Drivers  
2590 Laundry Dry Cleaning or Laundry—Retail—& Route Salespersons, Drivers  
4149 Mfg – Noc Optical Goods Mfg. NOC  
4150 Mfg – Noc Optical Goods Mfg. NOC  
4361 Mfg – Noc Photographer  –  All Employees & Clerical, Salespersons, Drivers  
4692 Mfg – Noc Dental Laboratory  
7607 All Other Video Post Production Does not apply to firms engaged in motion picture production, television production, audio/music recording or mixing
7998 Store – 4 Wall Stores:—Hardware Store—Retail Includes locksmiths – consider off premises exposure.
7999 Store – 4 Wall Stores:—Hardware Store—Wholesale  
8001 Store – 4 Wall Store: Florist & Drivers  
8008 Store – 4 Wall Store: Clothing, Wearing Apparel or Dry Goods—Retail  
8010 Store – 4 Wall Store: Hardware Watch for 24 hour locksmiths
8012 Store – 4 Wall Quick Printing  
8013 Store – 4 Wall Store: Jewelry Wholesale or retail.  For Optical Stores – sale of eyewear more than 50% of receipts
8015 Store – 4 Wall Quick Printing—Copying or Duplicating Service  –  All Employees & Clerical, Salespersons, Drivers  
8016 Store – 4 Wall Photocopy Shops—All Employees—& Clerical, Outside Salespersons, Drivers  
8017 Store – 4 Wall Store: Retail—NOC No pawn shops, sale of fireworks, pornography or related material, pet stores that do animal grooming or have exotic pets,  smoke / vapor / hookah or marijuana shops, medical or otherwise.
8025 Store – 4 Wall Stores:—Bicycle—Retail  
8029 Store – 4 Wall STORE: HARDWARE—WHOLESALE Also automotive parts
8031 Store – 4 Wall Store: Meat, Fish, or Poultry—Retail  
8032 Store – 4 Wall Store: Clothing, Wearing Apparel or Dry Goods—Wholesale  
8036 Store – 4 Wall STORE: HARDWARE—RETAIL EXCLUSIVELY Also automotive parts
8039 Store – 4 Wall Store: Department—Retail >50% of sales must be a combination of wearing apparel, linens/domestics and house furnishings  plus 1 or more of other types of merchandise.  Minimum payroll applies: $650k for NCCI,
$900k for NY, $1m in CA.
8043 Store – 4 Wall Stores:—Retail Store NOC—Including Service of Food—Not Restaurants Includes bagel shops
8045 Store – 4 Wall Store: Drug—Retail  
8046 Store – 4 Wall Store: Automobile Parts and Accessories NOC & Drivers  
8047 Store – 4 Wall Store: Drug—Wholesale  
8068 Store – 4 Wall Art Gallery & Clerical  
8069 Store – 4 Wall Cellular Telephone Store  –  Retail  
8072 Store – 4 Wall Store: Book, Record, Compact Disc, Software, Video, or Audio Cassette—Retail Watch for adult entertainment related risks
8292 Warehouse Storage Warehouse NOC Often misclassified – these are products of others – insured has no
equity in the products being stored. Height exposures within warehouse.  Self storage only
8721 Sales Real Estate Appraisal Company—Outside Employees Similar to 8720 but lighter hazard – not as involved in physical conditions.
8723 Clerical Insurance Companies – Including Clerical & Salespersons May also have 8720 exposures for loss control or outside claims adjusters.  Includes insurance agencies.
8742 Sales Salespersons or Collectors —Outside Standard Exception code
8753 Store – Yard Coffee, Tea, or Grocery Dealer—Retail  –  & Drivers This is house to house sales.
8799 Clerical Mailing or Addressing Company or Letter Service Shop  –  Clerical Staff Use with 8800
8800 Mfg – Noc Mailing or Addressing Company or Letter Service Shop  
8803 Clerical Auditor, Accountant or Computer System Designer or Programmer—Traveling  
8809 Clerical Executive Officers NOC—Not Foremen, Workers or Salespersons Beware of misclassification.  It does not apply to any executive officer who as a regular and frequent part of his/her duties performs such work as is ordinarily undertaken by a foreman,
worker or salesperson.
8810 Clerical Clerical Office Employees NOC  
8820 Clerical Attorney—All Employees & Clerical, Messengers, Drivers  
8832 Medical Physician & Clerical Avoid emergency room physicians; avoid clinics specializing in contagious diseases and abortion clinics
8838 Clerical Museums –  – all employees –  – including clerical office employees.  
8840 School Religious Organization: Professional Employees & Clerical Watch for mission work
8855 Clerical Banks and Trust Companies  –  All Employees, Salespersons, Drivers & Clerical (New code  –  NCCI in 2012)  
8860 Clerical Accounting Firm  –  All Employees  
8989 Residential Domestic Workers  –  Residences  
9012 Bldg Ops Buildings—Operation by Owner, Lessee or Real Estate
Management Firm: Professional Employees, Property Managers and Leasing Agents & Clerical, Salespersons
Includes clerical usually written with 9015.
9013 Bldg Ops Condominiums or Cooperatives  –  All Employees  
9014 Bldg Ops Janitorial Services By Contractors  –  No Window Cleaning Above Ground Level & Drivers No tenting or fumigating for Exterminators.  No exterior work above ground level
9015 Bldg Ops Buildings—Operation by Owner, Lessee or Real Estate Management Firm: All Other Employees No exterior work above ground level
9028 Bldg Ops Building Operation NOC—Dwelling or Combined Dwelling and Commercial Occupancy No exterior work above ground level
9053 Club Exercise or Health Institutes No trampolines in other states. Avoid risks that focus on gymnastics or cheerleading / 9053 – MI is Home for Aged –
Ineligible code in MI.
9055 Club Exercise or Health Institute No trampolines. Avoid risks that focus on gymnastics or cheerleading
9061 Club Clubs—NOC & Clerical  
9065 Club Clubs—Tennis, Racquetball, Handball—Indoor No trampolines
9071 Restaurant Restaurant:–Full – Service–including entertainers and/or musicians  
9072 Restaurant Restaurant:–Fast Food & Drivers  
9079 Restaurant Restaurant NOC  
9082 Restaurant Restaurant NOC  
9083 Restaurant Restaurant: Fast Food  
9107 School Church  –  Non – Professional Employees & Drivers  
9585 Store – 4 Wall Shoe Repair Shop  
9586 Store – 4 Wall Barbershop, Beauty Parlor or Hair Styling Salon Watch for alleged contract workers; group transportation – some
owners pick up employees.  Not a market for tattoo parlors or tanning salons if that is primary business.
9620 All Other Funeral Director & Drivers