Claims Capability

Our carrier’s philosophy is rooted in the overarching commitment in providing our policyholders with high-quality claims service. Our carrier’s maintain one of the lowest cases-per-adjuster ratios in the insurance industry, enabling the claims team to give our policyholders the attention they deserve. IHOS and our strategic partners monitor all open claims to ensure timely communication, proper reserving, and prompt resolut ions.

Workers’ Compensation

Nearly 350 in-house claims adjusters nationwide. Claims staff has and average of 20+ years of experience Medical Directors assists in determining proper diagnoses, provides access to treating physicians and holds peer-to-peer reviews.


Our carrier’s are committed to using evolving technology to make it easier for our customers to interact with the claims team and access vital claim and policy information. To that end, we maintain:
• Automated claims systems
• Paperless claim filings
• 24/7 claim reporting
• Direct phone and email access to claim adjusters

Fraud Prevention

We understand that insurance fraud is an industry-wide problem that contributes to the rise in costs for business owners. To reduce the likelihood of fraud, our fraud detection unit provides:
• Training in fraud detection
• Reviews of possible fraudulent claims
• In-depth investigation of suspected fraudulent claims
• Detailed reports to the appropriate authorities

Professional Staff

Our carrier’s claims team treats our policyholders with respect and works diligently to gather the information necessary to pay claims promptly and accurately.